8.5×18 Equipped Trailer w/ Pizza Oven is a specialized vehicle commonly used for mobile food service, particularly for selling pizza. These meal trucks are designed to provide a mobile kitchen and pizza-making facility, allowing entrepreneurs and businesses to bring freshly baked pizzas to various locations, such as fairs, festivals, events, or even street corners.

Here are some key features and considerations about an 8.5×18 Equipped Trailer with a Pizza Oven for sale:

#nullSize and Layout: The 8.5×18 dimensions refer to the trailer’s size, which provides ample space for both kitchen equipment and food storage. The layout is carefully designed to accommodate all the necessary components, including the pizza oven, prep areas, and storage.

8.5×18 Equipped Trailer w/ Pizza Oven: The centerpiece of these meal trucks is the pizza oven. These ovens are typically designed for quick and even pizza baking, often utilizing wood-fired, gas, or electric heating methods. A well-functioning pizza oven is crucial for producing delicious, authentic pizzas.

#nullKitchen Equipment: In addition to the oven, the trailer comes equipped with a range of kitchen equipment, including preparation tables, refrigeration, sinks, and stovetops, to support the pizza-making process.

 Customization: Many sellers offer customization options, allowing you to tailor the trailer’s interior and equipment to meet your specific needs and preferences.

#nullPermits and Regulations: Before operating a mobile pizza business, it’s essential to research local regulations and obtain the necessary permits and licenses for food service. Health and safety standards must be adhered to, and the trailer should meet any applicable requirements.

 Menu Variety: While pizza is the primary focus, some meal trucks also offer additional menu items like pasta, salads, or desserts to attract a broader customer base.

 Marketing and Branding: Successful operation requires effective marketing and branding to attract customers. Eye-catching graphics, a unique name, and a strong online and social media presence can help generate interest and draw in customers.

 Maintenance and Upkeep: Regular maintenance and cleaning of the equipment are essential to ensuring the longevity and efficiency of the meal truck. Equipment breakdowns can disrupt business operations.

 Cost Considerations: The cost of an 8.5×18 Equipped Trailer with a Pizza Oven can vary significantly based on the customization, quality of equipment, and other factors. Be prepared for both the initial investment and ongoing operational costs.

Meal trucks equipped with pizza ovens can be a profitable and exciting venture for entrepreneurs looking to enter the mobile food service industry. They offer the flexibility to bring delicious pizza to different locations and cater to diverse audiences. However, like any business, success requires careful planning, quality equipment, and a well-executed marketing strategy.

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Deep Fryer
Range Hood
Gas Lines
  • 8.5×18 Equipped Trailer w/ Pizza Oven £24,000.00


    OTHER EQUIPMENT: Fast Eddy’s Commerical Pellet Smoker (double Stack)
    REFRIGERATED PREP TABLE: 67″ Pizza Prep Table
    OTHER REFRIGERATION: 48″ 12cu FT Worktop Fridge
    MORE REFRIGERATION: 50″ Deep Well Bottle Cooler
    GAS LINES: Yes
    SERVING WINDOW: (2) 3×4 (with Glass and Screens)
    PLUMBING: 3 sink package + hand washing station
    ELECTRICAL: 100Amp Electrical Package, 110V Outlets, LED Ceiling Lights, 50A Power Cord
    AIR CONDITIONING: 15,000 BTU Air Conditioner with Heat Strip
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